Got Tin Scrap? Tin and tin alloys are uncommon at local scrap yards, which leads to them paying you a low price for your tin scrap or not taking it at all. The recycle program works like this:’ You collect your tin-based scrap. Types of scrap we collect includes: Tin dross, solder dross, pewter dross, Babbitt dross. Pewter solids, Babbitt solids, tin solids, solder solids. At Metalshipper, we work closely with one of North America’s largest tin refiners and are able to offer optimal value for your tin scrap. Examples of tin-based scrap include pewter scrap or dross, babbitt scrap or melt-out, solder dross, tin dross. Please send us an email with a description of your material, your location, and your preference for how we should pay you (credit, new material, check) and we will reply with details of our scrap pickup service and a proposal for your specific material.